Get901 Vision. The Get901 group will be the lifeblood of helping people in the Midsouth Get the best help possible by connecting as many people and resources to

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Get901 Mission Statement.

The mission of Get901 is to Gather Everyone Together in the MidSouth to help anyone that is in need of something concerning their mind, body or soul.

Currently we have a very underutilized resource that the United Way and the Public Libraries have developed call 211.  The Tn 211 App and the Shelby County 211 App could potentially be a huge convenient resource for everyone to download the app and get into the gap. The problem is all the of the non-profits and churches that do have resources to help someone’s mind, body or soul for the most part is not represented on the app. Below is a statement from Nevada 211 and with our help we can help TN 211 be the best resource in the country for helping people get the information they need when the need it.

If you are looking for help in Nevada, the Nevada 211 app is a free and easy way to locate and get connected to thousands of resources near you. Just enter your zip code or enable the location services in the app, and then you are ready to begin searching for services such as housing, food, utility assistance, transportation, childcare, and more.

So, are you being called to be a part of a community that will help TN 211 be populated with current relevant information that can help people when and where they need it?  If so, join our all our Social Media groups and let’s get the app and get into the gap.